Wine Relais Agriturismo in Valpolicella Corte Cariano – Brunelli Wines

intertwined with History

Alberto Brunelli


The rhythms and time-frames of Nature; the scents and colors of the earth and of the vines; the flavors of wine: these elements have always been part of my life.

Year after year, the art of transforming our grapes into wine, fashioning them into a perfect product, and seeking to understand and appreciate its fragrances has had a profound effect on my dreams and my desires.

I have discovered, to my surprise, that many wines offer a complex personality. Sometimes it is similar to that of my grandfather; some are more like my father’s character, and yet others offer feminine perfumes and flavours that remind me of my mother and grandmother.

Over time, I have learned that love and passion have come together in my family. Looking even deeper, I have discovered that these are the values shared by all those who love to “create wines”. They are a legacy that has been handed down to me and that has had a profound effect on my way of life, my way of constructing social relationships and of sharing an art that is at once ancient and familiar.

A family Tale

Since the 18th century, the Brunelli name has always been closely connected to San Pietro in Cariano, the central and main village of the Classic Valpolicella area, one of the most charming and renowned wine districts in Italy.

Located exactly between Verona and Lake Garda, Valpolicella perfectly represents the synthesis of many different elements. A mineral soil and rich in limestone, a rare and wonderful mosaic of indigenous grape varieties, a Mediterranean climate influenced by the breezes coming from the lake nearby and an ideal South-Southwest exposure which combines with a skillful and passionate work in the vineyards and with the appassimento technique, favouring the concentration of sugars and extractive substances. It is in this spot in the countryside, with its age-old vocation for growing vines, that the Brunelli family has handed down from generation to generation the ancient passion which has made its wines known and appreciated all over the world.

The Estate is now in the hands of Alberto, of his parents Luciana and Luigi who, sharing together a great expertise and passion, have created a special range of wines that distinguishes themselves for both the virile and feminine values they express. The character of a wine is the expression of its creator’s emotions. This is all the more true in the case of the wines from the Brunelli Estate.

We discover, in fact, that the Amarone Riserva Campo del Titari, with its forthright style that pulls no punches, is the very image of a determined and enigmatic craftsman of the soil like Luigi Brunelli. Luciana, on the other hand, is mirrored in the nuances of the gentle and graceful Amarone Riserva Campo Inferi, with its feminine traits and respect for tradition.